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Update To Sprinkler Retrofit

Legislation has been enacted that will essentially exempt manufactured home residential communities from sprinkler retrofit requirement if the act is approved by the governor. Stay tuned...

Retrofitting Sprinklers & Handrails

Florida statutes require common area buildings in condominium and cooperative associations to be retrofitted with fire suppression sprinkler systems as well as handrails and guard rails UNLESS the associations membership agrees to forego such retrofits. FLAROC recommends that all its Member Community boards work with their legal counsel to complete the process of voting to forego retrofitting if that is the associations desire. It is our understanding that the decision to forego retrofitting needs to be made prior to the end of calendar year 2016.

Associations are required to report to the DBPR whether waiving the retrofits or proceeding with a retrofit. The "Retrofitting Report for Cooperatives" form can be found on the DBPR website.

*The link above will take you to a list of DBPR publications and forms. Scroll down to find the "Retrofitting Report for Cooperatives".

FLAROC was organized to support and assist resident owned manufactured home communities throughout Florida. Thousands of people choose the lifestyle and amenities afforded by these communities. Become a Community Member.

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