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Hurricane Loss Mitigation

  • Current law requires an annual appropriation of $10 million from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, (Cat Fund), to provide funding for several hurricane mitigation programs.
  • The “Cat Fund” is considered a trust fund under state law. The State Board of Administration administers this trust fund. (Funding is NOT from General Revenue)
  • By statute, the specified $10 million is allocated as follows:
    • $3.5 million to “to improve the wind resistance of residences and mobile homes, including loans, subsidies, grants, demonstration projects, and direct assistance; educating persons concerning the Florida Building Code cooperative programs with local governments and the Federal Government; and other efforts to prevent or reduce losses or reduce the cost of rebuilding after a disaster.”
    • $3 million for public hurricane shelters
    • $2.8 million “to inspect and improve tie-downs for mobile homes”
    • $700,000 “to the Florida International University center dedicated to hurricane research”
    • The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program is administered by Tallahassee Community College.
    • The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program now includes manufactured and mobile homes on private property as well as those within parks and communities.
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