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Mobile Home Tie-Down Program

[The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program is one part of the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program. The HLMP will expire June 30, 2022, unless extended by this Legislature. SB 578 and HB 837 will extend the HLMP (and Mobile Home Tie-Down Program) for 10 years. Please see further explanation below.]


  • Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program within the Division of Emergency Management. The Program applies to hurricane shelters, site built residences, and manufactured/mobile homes.
  • The purpose is to improve wind resistance and strengthen the home or shelter to mitigate loss due to hurricane and wind damage. (s. 251.559, Florida Statutes)


  • The Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program expires on June 30, 2022. It was created in 1999 and subsequently extended.


  • Current law requires an annual appropriation of $10 million from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, (Cat Fund), to provide funding for several hurricane mitigation programs. There is no funding from General Revenue.
  • The “Cat Fund” is considered a trust fund under state law. The State Board of Administration administers this trust fund.

Funding Distribution:

  • $3.5 million: improve the wind resistance of homes, including loans, subsidies, grants, demonstration projects, and direct assistance; local governments administer;
  • $3 million: retrofit existing facilities used as public hurricane shelters;
  • $2.8 million: inspect and improve tie-downs for mobile homes;
  • $700,000: Florida International University center dedicated to hurricane research;

​Specific Program: Mobile Home Tie-Down Program

  • Between 1999-2021, 346 communities have been served and 51,565 homes have been strengthened to improve wind resistance and mitigate loss.
  • There are 122 communities pending which represents tens of thousands of homes. It will take approximately 6 years to address the current wait list.
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