Florida Resident Owned Communities, Inc.
Florida Resident Owned Communities, Inc.

FLAROC Chapter Organizations

Membership in FLAROC carries with it automatic membership in the Chapter serving that area. Click on the Chapter Name in the following list to learn more...


Regional organizations of resident owned manufactured home communities have existed for years. These groups usually included communities in several adjacent counties. They supported and facilitated some valuable functions for their member communities.


The leadership of these groups recognized the need to develop a stronger voice for their communities, particularly at the state level. These folks and a few others with like interests and concerns joined together and formed Florida Resident Owned Communities, Inc. The organization, doing business as FLAROC, was incorporated as a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation in April of 2009.


FLAROC's leadership believes it is vitally important to retain the regional groups. Accordingly, exisitng groups are being integrated into the state level organization as Chapters. Communities in other areas of Florida are also being organized into Chapters as sufficient communities join FLAROC as Member Communities.

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