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How We Started


ROCForum started in 1986 when thirteen parks met to explore the possibility of sharing experiences in operating a resident-owned community. Since this ad-hoc committee evolved, it met at several different locations and invited speakers on subjects of interest at the time. Over time, the committee grew to where as many as 220 attended. The volunteer leadership had put together a mailing list, arranged for meeting places and selected speakers for over 90 meetings. At this point, consideration was given to the possibility of incorporating as a not-for-profit organization to better serve the needs of our communities. That became a reality in late 2003.


The goals of the ROCForum Inc. are to provide education, promote manufactured home living and the opportunity to socialize in a larger context.





In 2004, ROCForum Inc. became an incorporated entity, providing educational opportunities to the members of the boards of resident owned community cooperatives throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. Over the years, hundreds of speakers have presented to thousands of volunteer board directors with the hope of improving the lifestyle of our 55+ community residents.


In 2014, a vote was taken to merge our local corporation into Florida Resident-Owned Communities, Inc. (FLAROC) at the end of the membership year. This is an important direction for our group, something that was a dream of the original founders of our organization. A statewide organization will provide a powerful presence in Tallahassee, voicing the concerns of thousands of senior residents of Florida cooperatives.




We are the not-for-profit corporation that provides the educational meeting place for board members, managers, and shareholders of resident-owned, 55+ manufactured home communities, in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.


Our monthly seminars are always educational and provide opportunities for collaborating with professionals and other board member volunteers to exchange ideas to maintain our way of life and explore all aspects of community living.




Florida ROCForum will provide professionals speaking on timely issues in the community association field and also furnish Round Table discussion opportunities. Meeting reports are furnished electronically to all members.


Florida ROCForum maintains a courtesy list of specialty manufactured home contractors and professionals.


FLAROC, the statewide organization that has provided the means for positive legislative changes to F.S.719, and also furnishes board member training seminars with a certified presenter directed only to the needs of Florida Co-ops.


Our ROCForum is pledged to:

  • Provide educational opportunities for all management and residents
  • Explore all aspects of community living.
  • Practice the art of people handling.
  • Benefit from the technology of association information sharing.
  • Provide meeting reports to keep us all informed on everything that is important to ROC members.
  • Arrange or host an annual Board Member Training Program for those seeking board directorship.
  • Create a Speakers Bureau to better serve ROC related issues.
  • Provide a courtesy list of specialty manufactured home service contractors and professionals.
  • Pledge cooperation with any organization whose goal is to better the comfort of the resident owned community homeowner.
  • Create a strong financial base of operation.
  • Establish a relationship with other groups of ROC in all areas of Florida through FLAROC.



Building a Voice for Manufactured Home Communities in Florida Speak with one voice! Membership in FLAROC® will enable your community and all of our communities to level the playing field, to speak with one voice, loud enough to be heard. We have established a relationship with a highly skilled and experienced lobbyist, Janet Mabry, and we are convinced that we can gain the legislative attention we need and deserve. Also on our board, sits Lee Jay Colling, Esq., who worked with Janet at the time that F.S. 723 was enacted. 


FLAROC’s® mission is aimed at creating local groups or chapters which contain communities close enough, geographically, to enable them to meet frequently.


FLAROC® has been actively involved in the creation of other similar groups and will continue to do so in the interest of increasing our membership.

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