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Cooperative Board Member   Certification Training

The COVID-19 virus pandemic compelled FLAROC to suspend Director Certification Seminars until further notice. 

2019 Certification Programs Are Completed

Well over 200 individuals attended FLAROC's Director Certification seminars in 2018. The program offered by FLAROC continues to be the most comprehensive training you will find.


Nearly every person attending gave the program excellent reviews. 

Statute Amended


The Condominium Act, F.S. Chapter 718, has required that individuals elected to or appointed to the Board of Directors of a Condominium Association certify in writing that they have met certain requirements or to received certification through an approved training program.


The Cooperative Act, F.S. Chapter 719 and the mandatory Homeowners' Associations Act, F.S. Chapter 720, were amended in 2013 to impose very similar requirements on newly elected and newly appointed directors of these Associations. The Cooperative Act amendment was proposed by FLAROC and introduced into the legislative process largely because of the efforts of FLAROC. We believe the unit owners and residents of Cooperatively owned communities deserve the same protections and considerations as the unit owners and residents of communities owned as Condominiums.


The statutory requirement helps to insure that those who serve on the Board of Directors of their Cooperative Associations better understand the requirements and fudiciary responsibilities of their position.

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